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What is Stratum?

Cloud Applications work best if they have no state – they can scale more cost effectively and reliably.

The requirements to keep track of of user context, session and state data are only growing thus creating a challenge for application vendors & Cloud providers to find the right solutions for managing state.

Stratum was built ground up to solve this problem by providing a horizontally scalable, telco grade data manager to allow any application to store its state reliably and cost effectively.

What does Stratum do?

Stratum – Cloud Data Manager by Openwave Mobility

Stratum is a cloud native data manager built for 5G, NFV and IoT. It provides performance and scale required to build telco clouds that can deliver low latency applications & services, scale to billions of devices and integrate with the Internet Ecosystem using secure REST APIs.


Separation of Data Layer, Control Plane & User Plane

provides the 5G Data Layer (UDR, UDSF) functionality

Cloud Apps

Need to store Subscription, Session, Policy, Configuration & State Data

provides efficient & reliable Structured & Unstructured storage for Applications


Need to manage billions of devices cost effectively

horizontally scales with ACID compliance and across data centers

Telco grade reliability
in the Cloud

at sub-millisecond latency

compared to traditional

In 60 seconds

How does Stratum help mobile operators manage data in 5G?

5G architecture has introduced separation of the data layer from control plane layer. This creates a paradigm shift in the way mobile operators manage data.

Matt Halligan, CTO Openwave Mobility, explains how Stratum helps operators manage their data in 5G.

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